How can I make myself an active github user?

I have just started learning about version control system (git) and github . I think that I have an intermediate level of java , html and css3 ( I am quite beginner in javascript and php ) , thus my gut tells that I should start doing some mini-projects (on FreeCodeCamp , project Euler ,…) . I’ve heard that I’d better post those projects on github and create repositories and why not collaborate with other developers . The problem is that I don’t master github(really beginner) , in addition to that I have no friend or colleague to collaborate with !! This makes me really frustrated , and I feel that I’ll never show up , and build projects on github .

version control makes your life super easy once you get the hang of it. You can share projects super easily and you dont have to clutter your drive with all kinds of project files. After a git commit you can delete your project folder and just clone it later with one or two simple lines in the terminal.
you can create multiple versions of the same code base called branches. you can switch (checkout) branches. you can have a master branch and a dev branch for building new code. if you mess up you can always restore your code from a previous commit or just delete the dev branch and start over from where the last master commit

it can be intimidating at first, and almost like learning a new language. You should try to use it even it its just the bare minimum. everyone gets confused by it at first but youll get use to it over time.

theres are a few apps for windows (github desktop) or linux (gitkraken) that have a user interface if youre not comfortable with the command line yet

basic concepts:

  • you have to create a repository on github/gitlab/etc before you can “push”(save) a project in it
  • then, create your project folder
  • go to the folder in your terminal and type ‘git init’. this creates a file to manage your local commits
  • ‘git add .’ stages all files that you want to commit. staging is basically like capturing a snapshot of your files to prepare them for ‘commit’ which is kinda like saving
  • then

basic commands

  • git init
  • git clone {repo url to clone}
  • git remote add origin {url to your repo} // when you create a repo it will give you the remote link
  • git add {filename}
  • git commit -m “your message”
  • git push origin master

some handy ones are:

  • status
  • diff
  • branch
  • checkout

bookmark this GitReference doc to look up commands. Theres always something new to learn from it

Make yourself an active github user just by running git init and anything you work on. you can also clone other peoples work and look through their code to learn how other people like to do things so that you can maybe pick up some tips or improve some elses code

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The easiest way to become an active github member is to just use it to hold your own stuff. This way you can go at your own pace. Learning how to use git + github is one of those “nice to have skills” you will see on almost every single job post out there, so knowing how the two related is very useful.

I suggest anytime you do any substantial project, you push your code to github. Learn the best practices with git, how to use it with github, and act like your working on a collaboration project even tho you aren’t initially.

There is nothing stopping you from becoming an active Github user besides yourself. The platform(github) is free, the tooling is free (git) and the knowledge on how to use it is out there for free. Its more up to you to leverage all three with your own code :smile:

You can even go out, find open source projects, fork them, play around, learn, read other peoples code, and potentially contribute to their codebase yourself. (!!!) It might all sound intimidating now, but really there are not solid barriers anywhere in the process besides ones own self.

I personally deleted multiple repos, re-did my codebase multiple times and screwed up multiples times when I was first learning git. Thats ok! I purposly tried things out when starting out until I figured things out. Since it was my own project, I could do anything I wanted with it, including screw it up haha. Its all part of the learning process, the only thing stopping you is you!!

So go out, build stuff, use git, and get it into github. Get into the flow, and see where it takes you over time.

Good luck :smile:


Thank you so much for those compelling ideas. They are really inspiring !!! . I’ll try my best to keep on coding and dooing projects . Thanks

Thanks!! I really got it . By the way I have just learned -and used for few times - all the commands you mention above . And I know how they work (maybe apparently :smile:). I just felt that those platforms and commands aren’t worth it (now , I know this is definitely false ) . In fact I just don’t how version control systems could be useful . But after reading this post , I do understand now that it’s just a matter of time and practice to get the most out of them . THANKS