How can one start a career in DevOps as a fresher? What skills should one learn and in which order?

Hey! I am a fresher just out of college. I’ve done some internships on web development. But i really want to focus on Devops. I am learning AWS and cloud computing as a start.
I want to know what skills should I need to learn and in what order ? And any guidelines and tips appreciated. Thanks! :smiley:

I’d start with learning Linux and networking.

I hate to promote paid resources in any form, but in this case I really do think the best route is to buy and read 2 books:

  • The Phoenix Project - which is a novel that follows an IT manager who has to finalize a behind, over budget IT project. Its a novel that goes into DevOps in a fictional company. Its a good novel, and will teach you some stuff about DevOps at the same time.

  • The DevOps Handbook - written by the same people who wrote the above book, but is a handbook that goes over DevOps itself. Provides case-studies and actual steps at implementing DevOps in practice within a company. Even if your not management, its a good read.

DevOps isn’t technology, its more a “mindset” of a company. A company doesn’t just suddenly “do” DevOps. In the same light you can learn all about all this technology used for DevOps, but that doesn’t mean your actually doing it.