How did you get into coding?

New here looking for people to talk to about coding and things. Does anyone here use unity?

I only started learning coding in January this year had never done anything like it before. I was talking to a friend who mentioned they would like to make games someday and said I could help them. I decided I would like to so got a laptop and decided to jump straight in with unity. I know there are mixed views on that some say it’s best to learn some coding before starting with game engines and that’s what my friend decided to do.

5 months in I’ve followed a few tutorials on unity and YouTube to make a few basic games snake and flappy bird being the only 2 well known ones. I have now started to go over the games I’ve done to help me remember how to do them and also learn how to put games together in levels and give options at start of games. I am currently making a simple kick ups game which is tapping a ball to keep it off the ground which will give me chance to add the ability to score, show game over screen and I’d like to add the option to count how many times you tap the ball or time how long you keep it off the ground.

Would be nice to have some people doing similar things to talk to and share ideas with.

I started learning to code because I was required to take a couple of programing courses. I’ve never worked in Unity or any other game engine though.

I made a game in Unity for a class one time. It was a lot of work.

It was a simple “adventure” game set on the Moon, where you crash landed and had to get escape. It had 1 enemy (an alien) 1 set objective (an escape pod, the alien guards) and required you to get a flashlight to enter a “cave”, in which you got a laser gun. Using the laser gun you were able to kill the alien and escape. If you knew where to go, you could get through the game in a few minutes. I remember presenting it to the class and people finishing it before I was done lol.

Even though it was only roughly 15 minutes of gameplay, it took months of hard work. It was an interesting time, but idk if I could ever build a game like that again any-time soon. Primarily due to how much gosh darn work and time it required to get even basic stuff down. Even then, the game was pretty janky. There was multiple bugs (like an infinite ammo glitch LOL), the textures were terrible and the alien animation ran way to fast compared to how fast it moved.

I may make another game in the future one day, but I’d probably keep the game as simple as possible for the sake of time and effort.

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Hello all,

I’d also like to get active in some sort of community as I’m fairly new to coding. My exposure to coding was an intro class to C++. I’m burnt out from going to school, but I want to keep myself occupied while I take a break to evaluate things. So, I started freecodecamp a little more than a week ago. I’m currently working through the first module and first python module.

Can’t say I share the same fire about games, but I’m sure there’s a lot I can learn from them. I’d love to share anything that could be of benefit as well. I’d like to make web apps, and sort through data. Automation excites me.

My goals for the next 365 days are to become hireable, have three solid projects I can talk about, and meet other coders. Cheers!


Hey! I’m totally new to programming.
I’ve consider making a game using unity before but I fear I may lack the time (summer job and starting uni) but totally want to learn more programming on my own too.

It would indeed be nice to have a few people to talk too ^^ I saw this thing had a facebook but maybe a discord could be made too or something?

Well anyway, good luck for your game! Looking forward to see your futur project :slight_smile:

you can join the official chat at

I understand your feelings. It’s always difficult a little bit in the very beginning.
I started coding a year ago and it was an adventure, cause there is a lot of information from various resources. GAming was my passion from childhood and I was looking for anything that could be helpful in creating them (bright, exciting, with great graphics, for sure). I found it easier to learn some programming, I decided to learn java (Mode edit: link removed), in a way like a game is built (that made it not a boring studying when you just copy-paste code parts and variables).
A advise you to practice and looking for unusual ways of gaining knowledge. You’ll learn faster. Also, communication with like-minded people can come in handy.
Good luck to you in gaming development! I’m excited to have a look at your games when created.

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Thanks for all replies here’s a link to 3 games I’ve made Mixed Games by kmo86

The kick ups and colicky balls can be played on mobile. Not sure if score is visible on colicky balls on mobile tho both use mouse on computer. Feeding animals needs to be played on computer using left and right arrow keys and J, K and L to throw different food. You need to throw certain food to certain animals.

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