Not sure where to start

basically, i’m a 16 year old who just wants to learn to make video games. not only is it gonna make me a lot of money, but it’s gonna be super fun when i get into it (if i get into it). i keep having doubts about it, though. like, what if this corona stuff never gets better and there’s no point to any of this, or what if i’m too stupid, or what if this isn’t what i wanna do and i’m forcing myself. i don’t understand anything, but i’ve just started. i’m trying to use Unity to make a simple 2D game but i’ve given up after like 30 minutes of trying to create a basic background in Unity (is that even possible?) i just really want this to work. i wanna like game developing but it’s hard when i don’t understand anything. i know it takes a lot to get into the swing of things but is it really supposed to be this boring at first?

Don’t do it just for the money. Plenty of people make video games, most of them don’t make a lot of money with it. Steam, the app stores, and the console stores are flooded with new games every day. Not saying you shouldn’t go for it (you absolutely should), just not primarily with the goal of getting rich. :slight_smile:

In your situation, I’d start with C# and learn general programming before tackling making games in Unity. It’s easier if you have a foundation and have a basic understanding of programming. Unity is an engine, not a programming language. Learn a programming language and programming fundamentals first. If you’re set on wanting to make non-browser games, C# is a good language to start with.

The doubts are normal. Everyone is plagued by them when they start, and they will come back often and in varying intensity. Programming is hard, doesn’t always yield short-term rewards (let alone instant gratification), and you’ll bump into numerous walls on the way. And I think most people also feel too stupid, untalented and not cut out for programming – some even feel that way after they’ve worked as programmers for years. So that is also normal.

On the bright side, you’re lucky that you don’t also have to struggle with “I’m too old for this”! :slight_smile: That was actually the toughest wall to push through for me. I had learned programming when I was your age (fairly carefree at the time, because I had no real goals and there was no internet to compare myself to others), but then didn’t do anything for many years and went into a different career field. I had all the same doubts as you do when I came back to programming. I really think it’s normal. All you can do is set the doubts aside and continue pursuing your goals. If you don’t try, you’ll probably regret it down the road, and it doesn’t get easier later on. You’re in a great place – make something of it!


thank you so much. i’ll definitely keep trying :slight_smile:

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I’ll avoid any full blown game engines in general if my goal is to learn the basics of game development.