I don't know what should I learn

Hey, I started to learn unity,blender,c# sometime ago and I love it to create games and stuff like that, I wanted to be game dev but seems that most of the people saying that I should keep it as a hobby or leave it because the chances to make money from it is low

I don’t really know what to do :confused: I am 20y old and I don’t know what way to go or what to learn, I was thinking on apps dev or something like that I just want something that i can make an income that i can live with it or maybe become rich and mostly to like it

any tips what should I learn ? should I try the game dev and see how it goes?


I think if you passionate about it then you should follow thru. Gaming and web creator are in trend more than ever. Even my 2yrs can play game on her tablet.
My BF was into gaming too but more on the gamer side than creator. He left his dream being a streamer when he has thousands of followers on twitch because everyone told him not to, to find a “real job” that make money. ( this was when gamers/streamers not a thing yet)
Of course 10 years later he regretted it, worked dead end job that basically disposable to his corporate employers, work his a** off and barely get a raise. Now he with me and I support him but he love FIFA and FIFA shit**y server. Then there are game that need a team to play but he doesn’t have anyone to play with. Lots of thing he missed out because he didn’t have anyone support him. He was good enough to go pro if he had follow thru.
So do it if you are good at it and passionated. You are in your prime right now to start.
Good luck.