How do I enjoy the Interview Preparation Process?

So, I have been preparing for the interviews from the last few weeks. I have been studying Cracking the Coding interview from last few months. But I am not consistent in it and therefore, after so many months, I’m still on chapter 4 of that book. Apart from that, earlier I started practising questions on LeetCode but I stopped doing that. Out of 24 interviews, I have given, I have offers from only one startup, which I am not joining because of its location.
The thing is that I want to enjoy this process of problem solving and interview preparation. But it is not happening. For example, I go through a solution of a question in CTCI. But it happens many times that I’m not able to grasp anything in that solution and then I give up. I know that I won’t improve if I will continue my preparation with this attitude. It’s like I really want a high-paying job but I’m not putting so much efforts which are required. Currently, I’m 26 years old and 2.5 years experienced Software Developer and I feel ashamed of myself when I see people so much younger than me are doing extremely good in cracking interviews, solving problems, etc. So, can anyone tell me what should I do?

Don’t get frustrated. While I enjoy solving algorithm challenges, I have never enjoyed interviewing - but I think it’s god to pretend that you do. But interviewing is like anything else - the more you work at it and the more you do it, the better you get. Some people are naturally good at it, some of us have to work at it.

You don’t get everything you’ve read in CTCI? Yup. That’s normal. They get into some deep things. Just keep at it. You’ll understand a little more each time you do it. If a concept is hard, ask the group here or do more research.

Just don’t get frustrated. I have a doc here with some thoughts on landing a job.

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