How do I get work experience?

Hello fellow coders,

I’ve just finished a front end development boot camp, at San Francisco. Also, I’ve been on free code camp for at least a year. I’ve started to apply for front end developer positions , here at sf bay area. I’ve applied for at least 90+ jobs. Most of the times, I don’t here anything back. The remaining times, I get an email saying “don’t have work experience”. It’s so frustrating.
Even the junior level positions, the requirement is minimum 2 years. I’ve applied for volunteer positions, but nothing seems to be working for me. I don’t have any formal work experience, but I’m active on github, always learning through many tutorials. I don’t know what should I do.

Please provide any suggestions/tips on getting a job with no prior work experience?

I’ve had good experience getting interviews when you avoid the HR ppl, if you can deliver the message to someone already in the company it might be easier to get a response. Many times people looking for front end developers also want you to know about sql Db’s, knowing some of that could help your portfolio.

I think you could try building something that has no tutorials and solves a problem, like non profits or building a site for a small business, that way you’ll get more real world experience to see if you really like it + something for your portfolio.

If you try the later you might want to team up with someone on a position similar to yours, building things on teams is a complete different experience, while doing this you could practice git if you don’t know it that well too.