How do I make input field same size as the submit button?

Basically the question in the title. I use flex.
Thank you in advance and stay safe :slight_smile:

the codepen is here

Do you just mean the height? You can give the input element height: 100%

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You’ve got a lot of problems. You wrap the entire page in a header element. Start a main element and never close it. And to say something about your question I don’t see a submit element.

Also you will probably run into problems with

<a href=“#”>

You may need

<a href=“javascript:void(0)”>

Thx for your answer. The “Enter Raffle” is supposed to be the submit button which i haven’t defined as a submit button.

Ahh i see. My bad. Why shouldn’t close the tag?

I’m not sure what you mean?

Also, your submit element should be nested in your form element.

Nevermind about the issue i had. But thx a lot for your advice! :smiley:

Have a great weekend!