How do I make my image show up?

Here is my code:

I am using to complete the challenge. However, the image is not showing up. Please help and let me know what i can do. Thank you!

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First, before I forget to mention it, I noticed that your <header> element is not within your <body> tags. Everything visible on your page should be within the <body> tags. But also, you include a <link> tag. Those tags should only be embedded inside a <head> tag that would come right after the <html> tag, but before the <body> tag… but in codepen all the <head> stuff should be in the settings, not the HTML you’re writting, and Codepen also doesn’t require you to link your stylesheet, so you can remove the <link> tag and move the <header> element inside your <body>. Codepen doesn’t actually require the <html> or <body> tags either, but if you write outside codepen you’d need them.

Now that thats out of the way, it seems the link you are using is not a direct link to the image, but is a link to a google website that is showing the image… an “img” tags source has to link directly to an image, such as a jpg, png, gif, etc. If you navigate to the picture on google, you can right click the image, and select “open image in new tab” and then you should see the direct link to the image in your browser address bar. Use the direct link should fix your pic:

It seems to be:

the problem is not your code,its your link

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