How to upload images to index.html?


How do I add images to index.html in

Because there is not a way where I can upload my downloaded image, and when I link the image from google, it isn’t showing up.

Hi, could you please specify the challenge or post a link to it? The link you posted is to the FCC homepage.

Oh. Sorry about that. Here is a screenshot:

This challenge is Build a Product Landing Page. I was wondering why the image isnt showing up, and how I could make it work.

Screenshots are not ideal for several reasons, one being that people can’t easily extract your code to test it themselves.

If it’s a HTML-CSS-JS front end project, a good tool for sharing your code is Code Pen. Pasting your code in the comment is also fine (be sure you enclose it in a pair of backticks ``).

That being said, here’s a clue: have a look at your img tag again and see if that fixes it.

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