How do i retain and practice

So I dont have a background in coding at all, but its interesting to me. I started off ok, but I am not retaining the information as we go further along. Are there any clouds one could practice in? I am writing down the information in each exercise before I move on, but I just cant seem to remember the information. I know typically that learning new things will bring on these thoughts, but overall, I think i need a couple suggestions for someone who has no coding background about how to go about this.


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Hi @PottzT !

I have no coding background and started learning over a year ago.
I have no STEM background( my background is in music :grinning:)

What worked best for me was to practice a lot by building tons of small projects.

I don’t know where you are in the curriculum, but I would suggest building small coding projects to help you retain information better.

I built tons of small things (20-30 lines of code) just for practice.
You can build them locally, or on replit, codepen, codesandox, etc.

Google HTML and CSS beginners projects.
Beginner javascript projects.
React projects.

That will give you ideas to build.

As you start building more then the concepts will stick better.

Hope that helps!


I would advise you to revise sections you learn and not once. I would revise a section once i finish it and even do it once more at later stage, if i feel like im forgeting things. Id also revise topics when they appear again, while im doing a project or new content, in case i forgot them. Dont worry, you cant remember everything, the important thing is to know its there, its available for you and to know how to look it up and use it as needed. Right now im working on a mock restaurant website project. Ive already finished all FCC parts, but Machine Learning, yet i constantly find myself google around for best practices, or technologies details, which ive forgot, or never knew in the first place. I use flexbox for one of my containers, i look up on flexbox specifications, whuch bugged me up. I used a grid for another container- i had to reshresh my memory on how to put the grid template etc. Im writing my CSS with SASS- i commonly have to look on some specific SASS syntaxes. Im building the project with React hooks…dont get me started how ofter i google different hooks…Making a tooltip on hover…Working with SVG elements/files…Importing files…And so and so on, even basic things you find yourself searching once and again. So dont take it as a sign to give up, if things are not accumulating as you expect them to, because thats not possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There are multiple “cloud IDEs”, and online editors nowawdays.

FreeCodeCamp uses 2 beyond its built-in one:

  • - which is a simple “3 pane with a preview” editor. Great to play around with smaller things, and can be used to build+host your initial projects.
  • - a “container” based online IDE, with focus on collaboration. Because its container based, this means you can run back-end code, along with front-end and leverage multiple languages and tools, as your code essentially is running on a container/small-computer somewhere in the cloud. In comparison, codepen’s code only runs on your local browser.

There are others, such as, and paid for versions, but these are much more advanced and not recommended if your just starting out.


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