How do I save at StackBlitz?

I am trying to learn Angular and have found a tutorial that uses StackBlitz. However when I log in to StackBlitz and look at the files that are being used, I don’t see a SAVE button! How can I save my work?

I suggest asking the StackBlitz community this same question.

ThanX, RandellDawson

If you are given a starter project link on StackBlitz, you will need to fork it first. Then you’ll have a save button.

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ThanX, ArielLeslie. That did the trick.

@ArielLeslie, @makamo66, others,

I followed your instructions (forked, then saved). But when I open the editor url in another browser, all of the changes I saved are gone. What am I missing? Thanks! (by the way, I tried the stackblitz community and the site is down)


When you open it in another browser, are you using the link to the original StackBlitz that you forked or to your fork?

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