How do you actually get a coding interview?

Just to reiterate what others are saying - don’t make them work for it. You need that job more than they need you - they have hundreds of applicants that are going out of their way to make it as easy as possible for the hirer to quickly and easily determine their fit. On the first pass they’re probably only spending 5 seconds on each resume. You’re giving them a scavenger hunt.

Another way to look at it is that you are getting a 0% success rate with your current method - what have you got to loose? You have access to several decades of collective wisdom here trying to help you out.

I might also suggest checking out youtube videos critiquing resumes and developer portfolios, and hints. I’ve enjoyed a lot of Joshua Fluke’s stuff.

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I also enjoy Joshua Fluke’s channel.

He has a lot of great content.
You can skip the videos about his messed up family.
But his videos on resumes, and portfolios are really good.
Plus he is dating an HR person so she often will give her opinion on why she rejects resumes.

I also really enjoy Real Tough Candy’s youtube channel.
She gives really good portfolio reviews and resumes.

Hope this helps!

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