How do you get a remote job as a software developer without any experience

I don’t have work experience, but I ultimately want to work remotely without ever having to step out of my house. How hard is it to get those types of jobs? What routes have software developers taken in order to get such jobs?


I have never worked fully remote only a few days a week. What I can tell you is that joining the workforce as a fully remote junior developer might be a bad idea as you will need much hand holding during your first 6-12 months.

In my opinion no matter how good the tools, nothing beats having somebody next to you, talking you through a problem.

Maybe an alternative would be to start non remote and gradually increase your remote days as you become more self sufficient.

That’s just my personal opinion, so take with a grain of salt.

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Agreed, you’re best off getting an in person job and learning as much as possible through that, aiming for remote working later. I don’t know why anyone would hire someone for a fulltime job remotely if they have no experience.

Also it’s worth questioning why you think remote working will be so great. Until you’ve done both you really don’t know what they’re like. Lots of advantages of both, but better to approach it with an open mind and see what suits you in reality, not just how you imagine they’ll be.

One other thing you can try is freelance working, remotely, through which you build up experience., etc.

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I get to work remotely as often as I’d like aside from big meetings once a month with major stakeholders of the different projects we’re working on. I don’t think it’s necessarily hard to get remote work, it just depends on the culture and attitude of the companies/teams you’re applying with. Some companies are all for remote work, while some companies are completely against it.

As for routes, I asked about remote work before I was hired as an intern. They told me interns are allowed to work from home or school for half of their shifts, but are expected on site once a week. Salaried engineers have the choice of doing whatever they want so long as they communicate well and their work gets done. The company has a lot of trust for the people they hire.

I thought that was a sweet deal so I worked super hard as an intern for 6 months and then happily accepted a full-time offer. :grin: