How do you inspect a website with an iPad?

Just wondering… one of my friends do it to cheer me up and and want to make a surprise for her


What do you mean with inspect? Like the Developer tools? Can you elaborate a little more :slight_smile:?

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On a computer, there’s an inspect button where you can change things up (my friend changed a rude message to a funny one), but I can’t find it on the iPad…

I see. That’s called Developer Tools :slight_smile:.

The iPad (or any other mobile device) doesn’t have the developer tools enabled, hence you cannot access it. However, if you have a Mac[book], you can debug it remotely and change the website temporarily (reloading the page will reset the changes).

Read the developer tools documentation: Tools - Safari - Apple Developer

Go to settings – Safari – check the “Enable Web Inspector”, in some devices the option might be under Safari – Advanced Settings.

Now open safari browser the device and open the webpage you want to inspect. Connect your iPhone, iPad to Apple Computer. Go to Develop – Select your device – and start inspecting.

Once enabled, you’ll need to physically connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac.

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