How do you study in FCC? By order of courses or you took a detour of courses

I’m just amazed on how well-structured the FCC curriculum is. At first I was skipping some topics because of a previous course I am still taking. I try to go by the other course’s order and applied the same order of learning to FCC. I skipped responsive design (bootstrap) to Javascript since that’s what the other course told me so.

Bottom line, I tried to pattern my learning in fcc to the structure of the other course. But did not work for me.

Is there any logical or “scientific” reason why responsive design and jquery is ahead of Javascript? My take on this is that jquery and responsive design for me is easier to understand than css since it already provides a structure of divs and classes, not to mention columns and rows which totally relates to me as I plan to take on the web dev path (for now maybe).

Any opinions on this? Thanks!


i think you should follow the steps in fcc because each steps are tailor to keep you on track why learning how to code

So I have been working on the exercise step by step because I think the exercises are built on each other. What you learnt in the previous exercise will help you do the rest of the exercises including the challenges.

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