How is life as a Front end/javascript developer

Hello Y’all
To those of you who are currently working as a junior frond end developer or a junior javascript developer, what does a typical day look like. As a developer using javascript, what as aspect of Javacript features (dom, functions, oob, data structures) do you use most at your place of work.
What advice do you have for those who are about to embark on becoming a front-end developer, and hopefully find work as a front end developer.

I’ve been a front end developer using web technologies for about 5 years. The “wat aspect of Javascript features… do you use most” is a bit like asking what part of English do you use (vowels, words, conversation, writing)? It’s all part of developing software.

With just a broad request for advice, the first thing that comes to mind is just to tell you to keep building things and keep working on them until you think that they exemplify the best work you can produce.

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On the topic of what part of Javascript I use daily is a good question.

We use Typescript, so we have static typing provided by Typescript, along with the ability to use newer Javascript syntaxes without worrying about browser compatibility.

Since most front-end work is not done thru the use of frameworks, like React, Vue and Angular. I’d say direct DOM manipulations aren’t used day to day. If you don’t have a framework, you might have to deal with this yourself, but that isn’t that common.

Regardless of what your doing, or where your doing it, your going to probably be dealing with async code. This is where callback, promises, async/await comes in. Dealing with async code is a key part of what makes Javascript, Javascript. If you are asking what you should focus on learning, I’d say focus on this. Everything else is very situational, for example, you wont have to care about the DOM if your in nodejs.

Data structures like hashmaps, array’s, trees, maps and graphs all will show up, just like most other programming languages. Knowing your data structures can make some problems very easy, and being able to manipulate those structures comes up pretty often.

Goodluck, keep learning :smiley:

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That was very helpful. Thanks