Where from here? After JS certification

Today I claimed my certificate for JavaScript and Data Structures. I feel I’ve learnt some useful things. However, frome what I understand, JavaScript is used in web development. I had planned that once am done with this I’ll practice my new JS skills with the projects from earlier CSS projects. But it seems, I still no nothing about how to implement JS on a webpage or how it’s even helpful.
I read an article which is a guide to becoming a full stack developer. And this is what the article states one must know in JavaScript to become a full stack developer.

  • Understand how to work with DOM. Also know what JSON is and how to manipulate it.

    Important language features such as functional composition, prototypal inheritance, closures, event delegation, scope, higher-order functions.

    Asynchronous control flow, promises, and callbacks.

    Learn how to properly structure your code and modularize parts of it, things like webpack, browserify, or build tools like gulp will definitely be helpful to know.

    Know how to use at least one popular framework (many programs will focus heavily on teaching you a library or framework like React or AngularJS, but in reality it’s much more important to have a deep understanding of the JavaScript language and not focus so much on framework-specific features. Once you have a good understanding of JavaScript, picking up a framework that sits on top of it won’t be too hard anyway).

    Although some may argue that you should be using this less or that it’s slowly dying, jQuery code still exists in most applications and a solid understanding of it will be helpful.

    Some knowledge on testing frameworks and why they’re important (some may even claim that this topic should be optional).

    Learn about some important new ES6 features (optional).

If I could get some help and guidance about where to go from here, I’d really appreciate it.
Thank you.

yup, just go to the next section and you will learn some of the stuff on the list (the next section is javascript libraries like React etc)

Edit: the next section, to be precise, is called “Front-End Libraries” and you will definitely be learning how to get javascript working with your projects there. (just take a sneak peak at the list of projects you have to complete for that one and you will see it makes sense as the next block)

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I’ll see what I find. :smiley: