How many projects that involve authentication and authorization should be on a portfolio?

Hey guys,

I wanted to know how many projects that involve authentication and authorization should be on a portfolio. I feel like they should be included because they are great skills to show off but I don’t know if recruiters and others will actually create an account or use the dummy account provided. I have one project that is like this, is that enough? Should I have more? Should I have 2 and then the rest not require the creation of an account?

I would appreciate anyones thoughts on the subject. Thanks.

So there’s really 2 questions here:

  1. How many should involve authentication and authorization
  2. How to show this off?

The first one is where I’d say it depends. Having a bunch of stuff showing off the same thing isn’t impressive. Authentication and Authorization is a good topic to show off, but its also something that is a “given”. So if you have an app that has a bunch of different features, odds are you will have aspects of this automatically.

To show this off though is something you need to keep into consideration. I usually suggest a “demo mode”, where you can bypass signing up using a temp account. Or provide another way to show the capabilities behind the app.

Overall the goal isn’t to show off authentication and authorization, its to show off something capable and worth using with enough features. This includes these sorts of features.

  1. Yes, this is my question. I wanted to ask because I’ve heard people mention that people might not take the time to create an account. Which means they won’t explore more of the project and only view what they can see without an account. I have also provided a temporary account in the GitHub and the GitHub also mentions what can and can’t be done with an account.

I guess for now I can work on projects where anyone can freely view the entirety of the project but I guess also depending what it’s about and what I’m learning. I guess it just depends.

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