How much JavaScript is necessary to get a job as a front-end developer?

How much JavaScript is required to learn front-end development (React and other framework libraries) and to get hired as a front-end developer? I only know the fundamentals of Java.

I’d say 60% core JS is enough to get a hired as a frontend dev but there’s actually no exact value you can append to knowledge of a progamming language. My advice would be to know how JS interacts with web applications and how that interaction is consumed by users. You can never learn it all at a go, not even the rhetorical 60% I mentioned.

I used to believe you needed to know everything to get a job but that’s not entirely true. You’ll still get to learn so many things while working. Unfortunately some interviews these days only present you with problems from leetcode, hackerank etc and some of these questions are sometimes required to see how you think as a programmer (or just to frustrate you lol) and might not even be related for the position you applied for.

Have a good understanding of the core concepts of JS, it’ll make life easier learning frameworks and also working with those frameworks and eventually getting hired. I might be wrong on this but I strongly believe when you can confidently use JS to create basic-mid level interactions with web apps and you use that skill to build projects and DO NOT GET STUCK IN TUTORIAL HELL it should be enough to impress hiring companies.


Thank you. I am very slow with DSA (JAVA DSA I am currently learning ), and it is consuming a lot of my time, so I am worried if I would be able to go with JS for front-end development. I am done with HTML and CSS now soon will start with JS.

DSA is quite tricky and perhaps a little hard especially if it’s your first exposure to programming languages but that’s absolutely normal with time you’ll get a hang of it. Great you already have experience with HTML and CSS. Have fun learning JS don’t be too hard on yourself and remember if ever you get stuck the community is always there to help.

Happy coding :clinking_glasses:.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: community is really helpful .

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