For those of whom received their first front end web development job, what percentage of HTML/CSS/vanillajavascript/react did you know?

I made a post a while back asking what level of front end skills did you need to know to get your first front end developer job on another forum; but since people people told me such front end job experiences vary widely, I really like to hear about your experiences.

you can’t measure proficiency in a language with a percentage
you can’t measure proficiency in anything with a percentage

to have the chance to be hired you need to show what you are able to do, no one will take seriously a percentage

as if someone would ever take me seriously if I went around with this on my applications:

  • Organic Chemistry 72%
  • Analitical Chemistry 87%

was doing back-end stuff, didn’t know almost anything about front-end, business wanted to get sh*t done, that’s all,

kinda senior full-stack nowadays :slight_smile:

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Usually you have to be strong in at least one skill that they’re looking for to get your foot in the door. The rest, depends on how entry-level the job is. The only way to know for sure is to apply.

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