How/When do you know you are ready for a first (frontend) job?

Hello, campers. This has probably been asked before, probably in different wording, but how/when do you know that you are capable of handling the required tasks of a junior (entry-level) frontend developer?

I’ve been a camper for the past three months, working through the frontend development course. I’m yet to finish, but this is more or less due to the fact that I’ve been using other materials to self-teach myself. Also, I had no prior experience in the respective languages (HTML/CSS/Javascript). Regardless, I’m beginning to feel comfortable with the three and have also begun learning Angular 2, with the sailing being fairly smooth so far. However, I have a degree (an advanced one actually) but in an unrelated field. As such, I feel like the bar would be set higher for people in similar positions to mine, given our (higher) education background or lack thereof in some cases. I am of the impression that more will be required of us in order to prove that we are capable of executing tasks, without the relevant educational qualifications.

TL;DR: What level of knowledge is required in order to fully function as an entry level developer with no CS (or other relevant) degree?

Not sure where you are located but back when i was in the states(california, San diego), i saw meetups for practicing interviews, i believe this would test your knowledge and get you comfortable in handling interviews.