How much React to get a job?

I’m new to ReactJS. I have previously worked with JQuery for 3yrs as a front-end developer. How can i self assess my skills to see if i’m good enough to apply for a job?.

It really depends on the job. Some places will be happy that you’ve used a little. Some will expect you to be a pro. If you have to ask, it’s probably not enough. But just apply - they’ll figure out if you don’t have enough for that particular job.


Really depends on the job. Some will be happy to get you on board as longs as you have solid vanilla javascript skills, some would require that + at least a good understanding of how react works, some would require you to master it.

As for jQuery, in some places is better not to even mention it, cause it leads to the prejudice that you don’t actually know vanilla javascript. And if that’s true, then catching up to React becomes much harder.


It really depends on the position and (even more so) the applicant.

I was in a similar position this summer. I had roughly 3 years experience as a professional front end developer. My company didn’t use a framework like React or Angular but built everything out of JS (using jQuery). I was offered jobs for both React based and Angular based applications without having ever written a single line of either. I had done enough research to be able to talk about these in general, but I was honest about my experience. The job I took does actively look for people with strong knowledge of Angular. Team members go to local meetups to look out for developers to recruit. But at the end of the day, these are things that can be learned. I was a strong applicant who showed expertise in my areas of experience and excitement to learn new technologies.

I haven’t seen the hate against jQuery in industry that I do online. In some interviews I was asked to whiteboard in vanilla JS occasionally I would say something like “This might not be the exact syntax. I’ve typically done this with jQuery, but it’s close to this.” (Example: maybe I brainfarted and couldn’t remember if it was “getItemById” or “getElementById”). The developers who are interviewing you get that. They also know that between Google and your IDE’s code-complete it would take you about 5 seconds to get the syntax right. These are people who are developers themselves. jQuery may be loosing popularity, but they probably used to use it heavily too. React maybe all the rage, but they know that it’s new and they might not have learned it either if they were working for a company that didn’t use it.

TL;DR - Depending on the specific needs of the job and your competitiveness as an applicant the answer to your question ranges from “none” to “lots”. It can only help you, but don’t treat it like the linchpin of your resume.


in fact the person knows the best, but you can get an idea from someone who is better at this.