How should I approach this?

Hello. I am trying to achieve something and I don’t know how.

In the past I created an app in Visual Basic for my company and we used it until recently. Among others, this app was responsible for managing our projects. Whenever I recorded a new project, this app would automatically create a folder in a specified location. Also, this folder had lot of stuff inside that was the same for every project.

Now, I created this web app with Javascript, PHP, HTML with users and so on that works just great. But now I can’t use this feature so I have to create my folder manually. Also, there is no way that I can download an entire folder without zipping it.

I was wondering if you could give me some ideas about how could I automate this task?

The idea is that every project has a specific location: year, client, etc… And every project has a folder structure that is the same every time. I would like to avoid doing this manually.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

You can’t create a script to do it and then maybe have your app call it?

Can you please be more specific? As far as I know there is not possible to access the local drive through a website…

Right, the browser has very limited and controlled access to the user’s files.

But it’s not clear to me what you want here. Are you wanting to create a folder and files on every user’s individual computer? Do you need to create it once in a centralized place for every user to access? Do the users not need access - just your computer needs access to it and one centralized location will work for that?

Ok, maybe I didn’t explain myself well enough. Our company is developing different projects in the industrial field. When we have a new project we must create a local folder associated to this project. This folder must be created in another folder (Company) that exists in another folder(YEAR) and so on. Also, this folder contains a list of sub-folders that are the same for every projects. Take for instance:

My new project is “xxx-Project name”. There will be this folder created: D:\Projects\2021\Client Name\xxx-ProjectName.

Inside this folder there are about 10 subfolders that are the same for every project that we work on. Like: CAD, Documentation, Documents received, Drawings, etc…

After the folder is created every user will access it locally through a LAN network. So I only need the web app to be able to synchronize the online projects with local projects (just regarding the folder structure). When I create a new project online, somehow create these folders automatically, or download these folders, but without zipping them. I don’t want to make too many steps manually.

I’m still not clear, and I’m certainly not the expert here, but first of all, can you write a script to create the folders you need? You have some kind of a LAN network - I don’t have much experience here, but if you can set up something like a server? Or have some background process that gets triggered to do it for you?