How should I make a resume for a high school internship?

I live in Dallas, Texas and I am a current high school junior. I have been looking for internships in my area for over the summer, but have had little luck so far. For the two that I have found, their application form seems to be standard to their actual job application form. This includes adding personal information, and just submitting a resume to show your ability. I’m not really sure how to start on a resume as a high school student. Should I include transcript, random projects, and in school and out of school activities. Are there any resources you would recommend to refer to that would help build a resume. Additionally, are there any sites where I could find more internship opportunities?


I would check all the job sites (indeed, glassdoor, craigslist, etc) and search for the word “internship”. I would also pick out some prime candidates and check their web sites. You might also consider just sending an email to them and let them know what you are looking for. It’s a long shot, but if you take enough long shots, one of them might come in.

What to put on the resume? If you have a good GPA, include that. If you’ve taken any coding classes, include those. What have you built? Do you have a portfolio site showing what you’ve done? That’s what’s going to impress them the most, especially considering your lack of education.

And if you don’t get an internship, just spend the summer building things. You’ll learn a lot and have a better portfolio. Maybe you can find some meetups in your area.