Need help for joining coding internship

Hey Everyone!, I’m learning to code. I’ve heard that internships is good for a beginner who know HTML, CSS and basic javascript. As for me, I learned html, css and javascript from freeCodeCamp and I learned tailwindcss online and currently I am learning React. And I want to join a good internship. But I searched online a lot but I did not find a good internship. So the reason that I want to join an internship is because I am a high school student and I want to sharpen my skills so when I will finish studying in the high school I can get a good job. So I need help from this incredible community.

Do you advice me to join internship?
What are the best resources, sites to get an internship?

So the process of getting an internship is very dependant on your curcumstances.

I believe internships (or something similar to internships) are given in some countries in Europe, making the search vastly easier than other places, where getting an internship is essentially the same process as getting a job, except usually its a temporary position.

So one thing about internships over jobs, regardless of location/country, is that internships are usually more about you learning about a company/job/position than you providing overall value through your employment. Sure you can be productive and provide to the company your interning for, but its usually understood you will be doing “the dirt work” as the intern, rather than working on full-time/employment tasks a full employee would be doing.

So yes you could know a bunch of fancy technologies, and even have significant skills to contribute, but during an internship (if you were to get one) you’d probably spend more time learning how the company handles their fancy technologies, and what skills other employees have. Along with doing more “dirty work” like creating power points, testing, etc.

Every company is different, but the fact your an intern getting paid less, means you will end up spending your time on “less important” tasks. So focusing on technology skills is important for employment, but not neccessarily the main focus if your seeking an internship.

Going back to what I mentioned earlier that an internship is more about you learning, than you providing as much value as possible to the company getting an internship is more about showing potential, marketing yourself, and good old fashion networking.

You could actually be 100% ready for a full-time job and position by being a genius who codes in their sleep, but you probably wont be able to get an internship if you can’t market yourself, don’t know where to get an internship, or are unable to show potential to a company. Heck if you show too much existing skills, you would be looking for jobs, rather than internships. I assume your not a genius who codes in their sleep because those people don’t exist, so you’d more be looking at internships as a way to learn, and just want to find access to one.

This brings up one of the best places to actually get internships, networking opportunities and the ability to show potential. Its to go to higher education. If your in high school, and interested in tech, I highly recommend looking at upper education if you can afford it. The primary reason for this is because colleges provide a lot of opportunities to get internships, network, meet people, and gain access to other resources to help you get closer to what you want to do. Sure you can do all that on your own, but upper education is made for those who want to keep learning, and gain access to those resources.

Companies also know this, which is why they usually focus more on college grads than trying to find random people online, as it takes less time and money to find/higher/engage with people at college, rather than everyone else.

Yes higher education can be expensive, and yes it takes more time, but it is is the best way to “get your foot in the door” most of the time. Its the most structured, and provides the most opportunities, including access to internships and will obviously teach you something.

If you go your own “solo” route, its possible to, just understand this means searching, finding and making the most of your opportunities is entirely up to you.

Regardless of what you do, good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

Hello. It really depends on your situation. If you (or your family) can afford getting a Bachelor Degree, I would recommend this to you, and, at the same time, try to have a “double target”, not only your studies, but also, getting comfortable with programming language, the university will not teach you everything, it’s basically an structured method of learning, and (maybe) a medium for networking. Then, in your final year, seek an internship.
Option B.
If you cannot afford university, set at least some “protected time” to learn coding, don’t worry, if you are diligent, and search knowledge, you will find it. I recommend a year of time in this process, but is at your discretion.
During this time, also do research about what companies hire developers of any background (including high school) and if you have been working in some projects, and speak good English, there is a possibility, not only of internship. But also of getting a job.
Hope it helps.
Best of wishes

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