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Hii all, i’m in 3rd year of college and my next year will be the final one in my degree program. So many of my friends were suggesting me to do internship till the final year of my college.Now i have no idea of how to approach for good internship or should i even do it right now or after my final year.
I am currently learning html,css and JS.i have learned the basics of all of these languages.
So i wanna know about what they do in internship or should i do internship now or should i learn more of JS like frameworks or anything else.

An internship is a form to get introduced in the “real world” of an specific job. (Sometimes its give you a great boost , sometimes it makes you to reconsider your path, and sometimes is just ok…). There is no absolute measure or description of a quality of an internship.
However, you will gain some experience you don’t gain in classroom or self pace learning (good of bad but experience after all).
If there are many possibilities, go and take one. If the situation is the contrary (the internship opportunities are scarce)better to focus on becoming a better front end developer, and make your own portfolio while finishing your your degree.
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Hi @FrankY4ReaL !

I did an internship in college(non-tech degree) and it went really well.
But I made sure to research the company first and learned about what the job would be like.

I would ask your classmates who have done internships and ask them about their experiences. Also, your school should have a list of suggested internships for rising seniors. I would look into your school’s resources.

Hope that helps!


If you are able to get an internship, they are a great opportunity.

I strongly recommend talking to your university’s career services to find out about what job fairs and networking opportunities they host, as well as get help with your resume and interviewing skills.

Internships are almost always completed before graduation. After your final year, you’ll be looking for full time jobs. Internships typically take place in the summer, sometimes continuing through the school year at reduced hours. That said, there are some companies that will hire interns to work part-time during the school year even without working for the summer first. Again, talk to your career services to find out how to get connected to relevant resources.

An internship in software development is very similar to working for the company as a regular developer. The expectations will be lower and you’ll get more help and educational resources. At some companies, interns work on smaller projects that are separate from the core codebase.

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thankyou @ArielLeslie @jwilkins.oboe @AndyG for your suggestions and clearing my doubts about internship.Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

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