Questions after my first interview

Hey guys!

I had my first interview today for a summer internship at a local web marketing company. It went well, and they told me to begin learning Wordpress / PHP in the time leading up to the internship.

My question is this: Should I stop learning JavaScript for now and focus solely on PHP? My ultimate goal is to one day become a front End web developer, and my interests have kinda always leaned towards client side programming. I’m taking this internship (unpaid) mainly because I want experience working in the industry as well as something I can add to my resume. What would you recommend ?


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Well. You found AN INTERNSHIP. Hopefully, you’ll get accepted! So yes, this benifits you to learn Wordpress and PHP… go for it and go back to your interests when you’ll be done with good references and experience from the internship.

Good job, good luck!

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Well, if your ultimate goal is to be a Front End Developer then you should definitely do not stop learning JavaScript. If I was you I would learn JS and PHP at the same time.