How to get internship after responsive web design projects

I need a company to do intern after the project work ,any advise on how to get one?

Hey @matey1979!

I would look at what the requirements are for internships in your area.

For example, I am based in Los Angeles,CA and a lot fo the internships in my area are primarily targeted towards college students. Also most internships will ask for familiarity with front end technologies (Html, CSS, JavaScript, React, etc)

I would definitely look at what is happening in your area and see what the requirements are.

You will also need to have a resume and portfolio ready to go.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks i will check the requirement as you said.

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Hello mate.
If you are done with just responsive web design projects, in my opinion, its not enough for you to land a job, even internship.
If you have time, go through JS part, get good at it and then you have a nice chance to get into any company, maybe as a junior developer!
Best of luck, keep coding and good stuff will come.


Start looking for jobs or internships (although these are by far reserved for college students) to see what the required skills are and apply for any that you think you can do. I will say that I find it unlikely that you will find many jobs/internships that don’t require more fundamentals than is covered in the first portion of the freeCodeCamp curriculum.

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I am currently applying for an internship I found out while going to meetups. So I would definitely look for meetups and attend as regularly as possible.

You will probably need to know a lot more than just the first freeCodeCamp cert to get an internship though, so keep studying!

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Start applying for those internships that required that skills that you think you can do. The best way to find an internship is to have a Linkedin account or register in Internshala, Unibreakers, and Unacademy.

…,Thanks i appreciate…full stack dev is the target though

@naheed,thanks i have Linkedin account so i will register for the other ones too,much greatful for your advise.