How should I start?

hi! i’m a teenager wants to learn how to code, but i have no idea where to begin. I’m interested in game development and I would love to learn how to make games. but there’s so many different coding languages like CSS, python, C++, C# and i don’t know what any of it means lol
does anyone know what’s the best coding language to start with?
thanks for reading this :slight_smile:

Hello, as another teen dev, I’d be happy to give some advice. I’m not a game dev, but from what I’ve learnt is that for game development, you should look into learning Python (for fundamentals) and once you find yourself comfortable with it, look into C++ (which is for making more advanced and higher-performance games).

There are countless places to learn on the internet, including (for Python) and (for C++)

If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

thanks for the advice!! :slight_smile: i’m going to start with python

I agree. With your goals I feel like python is a great place to start

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