Which job should i pursue? (advice)

this post is a bit long, so i included a tl;dr at the bottom of it. hello everyone. i’m in high school and am currently beginning the process of teaching myself how to code, but i’m not sure which programming-related job i should pursue or work towards having in the future. i’m currently teaching myself c++ using codecademy and i’m considering learning python next, but i don’t know what types of programming jobs those languages correlate to if that makes sense. gaming-related programming has always interested me, but are c++ and python good to learn for that type of job? any advice would be deeply appreciated, whether it’s about careers or just teaching myself to code in general. thanks! have a good day.
tl;dr are c++ and python good languages to learn for gaming-related programming jobs (if not, what languages should i learn instead)? also, any advice on teaching myself how to code?

C++ works great for games. As a general rule, C++ is for low level work that is close to the hardware. Python is more a general purpose and scripting language, and I wouldn’t use it for games.

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okay, thank you so much! do you have any recommendations for languages that i should learn next (if not that’s completely fine, i’m just curious)?

Knowing a wide range of languages isn’t really a big deal. You should focus on the sort of problems you want to solve and the sorts of things you want to create. The languages will come as you need them.

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oh, i see. thanks again! i appreciate your help

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Python and C++ are both pretty good places to start if you want to play around with making some different style of games. As Jeremy said, becoming a programmer isn’t about learning “the right language”. It’s about building skills and experience building things with code. At this point in your journey, you’ll be gaining a strong head-start just by learning the foundations and building some little projects.

If that answer isn’t very satisfying and you want to really focus on your future, then I suggest looking at university programs that you are interested in. You should be able to find a decent amount of information about the courses that you would take and maybe what sort of projects they involve. That would even be a pretty cool thing to talk about in your application essay.


@ecouch23 I suggest thinking of the kind of job you want. Then you could see what programming languages are commonly used in those types of jobs. Look at the programming languages they need in job postings.

For example, I have seen

Front End Developer → Javascript
Back End Developer → Python, Java, Nodejs, etc

You can speak to people that are already working in the industry as developers to get more information.

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oh, that makes sense. thanks for giving me a good place to start! i appreciate it :))

i didn’t even think to consider front end vs back end development. thanks for mentioning it!

Front end vs back end is a divide in web development. But there are lots of other types of development outside of web development, each with their own languages and types of problems.


oh, okay. thanks for clarifying. i should probably do more research on all that. i appreciate your help:)

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I use Python to script things like installing operating systems and softwares on servers my company ships out. It’s also really big in the data land. In my previous job I used Python to make data pipelines that would transform data into the correct format for the application we were posting to. It’s also used in Data Science to make predictions with AI and stuff like that. Kaggle would be a good place to look if the data-science/data analytics side of things interest you.

that’s cool. thanks for letting me know! i’ll be sure to check that out. have a good day : )

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