How te be more efficient?

I am wondering from when should I start adding contributions to open projects? I have the feeling, that what I learned needs to be put in acion somehow. I finished responsive web design and on Basics for Java Script at the moment. However I cannot imagine what I am learning, to put it into action at all, at this point.

I would be very thankfull for some advise on how to move more efficiently forward.

Should I just keep going forward with the courses?

Should I do projects? Participating or creating?

Hi @MartinZ !

I think it would be good to learn a javascript library or framework.
freeCodeCamp teaches React.
You can do the front end libraries certification.

Yes :grinning:

There is a wide variety of open source projects out there.
When you are first starting, you will probably feel more comfortable making small contributions like typo fixes or errors in documentation.
As your skills develop, you will probably feel more comfortable tackling the harder issues up for grabs.

You can start by searching for good-first-issues

Also, freeCodeCamp is open source.
You can take a look at their issues and see if there are any you want to work on.

Hope that helps!


Thank you, yes that helps a lot :slight_smile:

Could you explain this advice a little more for me?

I think the best thing to do, is just start working on projects. It could be simple automation projects, or larger applications.

Regardless of whether you complete them or not, the key is to learn and get comfortable. Try creating a clone of YouTube, or twitter, or anything for that matter. Maybe you have an idea yourself. I myself have become very proficient in web development by just starting a bunch of projects (admittedly not completing many of them), but I learnt a lot of things.

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Libraries and frameworks were created to help speed up the development process.

There are many css and javascript libraries and frameworks to choose from.

When it comes to building professional projects, you won’t be writing everything in vanilla css or javascript.

You will be using libraries and frameworks.

It is still important to know the main languages for which the frameworks and libraries were based off of.

When it comes to jobs, applications will ask for some familiarity with a popular js library or framework like react or angular.


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