Which "open source" projects; I should contribute & learn from to improve my HTML, CSS & JS skills

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I’m learning web development & would like to know which “open source” projects; I should contribute & learn from to improve my HTML, CSS & JS skills ? Thanks in advance.

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When it comes to contributing to open source, I strongly recommend working on something that you use. Just getting started with the development setup and digging into the code can be a real pain, and the best way to stay motivated is to actually care about the improvements. Start looking out for what tools you use are open source and go check out their repositories.


what about freeCodeCamp itself?

if it was myself, I would check the stuff I already use

for example, Habitica, the Task Manager, is open source:

if you are into YNAB, the toolkit is open source

devdocs.io is opensource


I’ve sent this list to a number of people who have asked me this :slight_smile:

This repo is a list of open source projects that have gone out of their way to tag their issues as “good for beginners”. Try checking out the projects in the list and see if anything grabs your attention:

If you can show you’re serious about making contributions, eventually for a big enough project you can have one of the core maintainers help you out with working on the tougher problems. As long as you show you’re putting in the effort, it can be a good way to learn from experienced developers.

As a bonus, if your end goal is to get a job in the industry, keep in mind many maintainers of these projects also have full time jobs as well, and can likely offer another channel to getting hired or at least getting a referral.

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This is really helpful; thanks a ton for detailed inputs.

You’re right; my goal is get into full time job at the earliest by showcasing my work

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contributing to FCC projects is great idea; thanks for pointers

if you haven’t noticed, devdocs.io is also of freecodecamp!

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Thanks for pointing out, added to my to-do.

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