Would doing a bunch of github teach me

I have a question that doing a bunch of open source project on git teach me well. I am still only doing responsive web design training. I havent tried much javascript and that is just not coming to me i cant learn it for some reason.

I’m not entirely sure what your question is. Are you asking why people contribute to open source projects? Are you asking about what GitHub is for?

Can you learn going on github like is there lessons and can you do some basic html css and java script with others never used it much dont know what it is

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GitHub is a service that people use to store code. It’s more complicated, but that’s the big picture. It isn’t an education platform like freeCodeCamp.

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Hi @craigmstevens1983 !

I would suggest continuing with the freeCodeCamp curriculum and going through a few videos like on the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel.

Then I would suggest also practicing your skills by building projects with frontend mentor

JavaScript is hard for most people to learn especially if it is your first programming language.
I would suggest watching a few videos on freeCodeCamp to help you understand some of the concepts

Also, you could check out Programming with Mosh’s channel which is pretty beginner friendly

No, GitHub is not an education platform as was mentioned earlier.

Contributing to open source is a great way to boost your skills but it is important to have a baseline foundation.
I would suggest waiting on open source, at least for code contributions and focus on building a foundation first using some of the resources I mentioned earlier.

Once you get a firmer grasp on the basics then you can start to dive into the world of open source for code contributions

Hope that helps


Thank you for this help. Is there any books you would suggest I can get to study javascript. Yes I am new to programming.

Kyle simpson’s You don’t know JS series is good.