How to Access a Website Running on Localhost

Hello! everyone
I have a question about how to Access a Website Running on Localhost , as a beginner I had a create portfolio web site and I want to tested the contact email if have a idea tell me .
and also a create the submit email with PHP language .
if you know have plz tell me :slightly_smiling_face: .

You can’t (by default) access localhost from an external network but you can send a request to a server from localhost. You can search for “expose localhost to the internet” if you need it.

I don’t use PHP but I’m pretty sure if you set the action to a PHP file you can log the data that is submitted. Search for something like “php check form submit locally”.

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to understand me more i want to Create A PHP Contact Form HTML Contact ,I did that BUT i want to see the function want for example a visitor go to send to me an message .

I don’t really understand your question but as I said you can submit to a PHP file and log the data inside that file. That is if all you want to do is check the data being submitted.

If you need help with handling actual form submits to a server you should look at related documentation (depends on the exact setup).

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