How to add Google play Music support?

I want to add a feature Google play Music support into my project . How do i add these features ? Any leads would be appreciated.

Might this be what you are looking for?

Thanks but it’s only a Music badge .

What do you mean “google play music support”? Like to play music “on your project”? What is your project, a web app, a mobile app, a desktop app? What features do you want in the app from google play music? Who’s music is suppose to be playing? Is it the apps current user, your playlist?

I think you have to formulate your question better. Because I'm the second person who doesn't understand what do you mean exactly. If your question is how to pay the google play music so I can help you with some advice. I've read here that I can get out of some purchase the cashback on my google play account. Also, I registered on a platform which is monitoring my internet usage and I'm getting money for it.