How to apply a Junior Web Developer

Good Day Developers,

I just want to ask an advice on how to apply for a Junior Web Developer. I am 28 yrs. old and start learning to code again. And I don’t have any work experience in web developing.

Hi @bobmarjo2592
Such a broad subject, but as an employer some key things I look for are;

  • repo (github) to demonstrate what or how you’ve coded
  • passion projects - everyone does freecodecamp courses etc, but I want to see what you’ve learned, put into practice
  • this also show’s initiative to go off and learn about something, as most of the job is problem solving , troubleshooting
  • I also look for a website or blog, again to demonstrate your skillset, but I’m also interested to see if you can talk about your work. You need to be able to explain to Clients what you’ve done, why you chose that way you did it, why you picked a design, etc

thank you so much @blueoctoltd