How to be (remote) employable by self teaching machine learning/AI?

Hello everyone this is my first post here. Awesome website!
A little about me. I am looking for a career change. I have almost zero coding experience. I am an American with no degree living in Cambodia for 5+ years. I strongly prefer to work remotely. But I would be open to moving internationally for the right job. Though I don’t like to live in large cities. I am also a firm believer in work life balance and I would like to continue to keep my working (for someone else) hours to max of 30 a week.
I currently can learn for about 7 hours a day 5 days a week.

From what I understand if you do the first 6 subjects of the curriculum. (And have a portfolio)
Then you will have a great base to get a job as a web developer.
Potentially being able to get a job in as little as 3 months. (more realistically 6+months)

I am not exactly sure what doing the last 4 subjects of the curriculum will prepare you for.
Or how long (about) it would take you to get a job in the field.

But I know machine learning, AI and automation also privacy sound way more interesting to me than building websites.

I like things like chatbots, GPT-2 (and 3), having text turned into pictures, a program that can (learn to) play a game etc.


  1. What kind of job do the last 4 subjects of the curriculum prepare you for?
  2. What do I need to learn for machine learning and AI? (It seems to be python? But what exactly?)
  3. Where do I self learn it in a way I am employable?
  4. What is a realistic time frame for learning to code to getting a job in that subject?
    (Yes times may vary but web developer seems to take 6ish months if you are working hard)
  5. Are those types of jobs open to remote work and people who are self taught? ( to the same degree as web developer?)

Thanks for reading any guidance is appreciated.

I don’t want to discourage you, but I have yet to hear of a self-taught developer being able to enter in the AI/Data Science/Machine Learning field

it is a field that relies heavily on advanced mathematics, and a related degree is usually expected (Mathematics, Computer Science…)

the curriculum shows various ways in which the Python language can be used, it’s just some baiscs for each tho.

Web Development is much more self-taught friendly, and maybe an experienced web developer could find a way to move to that field.

Mathematics and statistics, matricial algebra for start.
I would nto know what else, but if you google “Maths for ai”, “maths for machine learning”, “maths for data science” you can find the needed resources (if you need to start from lower level maths I suggest Khan Academy)
then the theory behing AI and Machine Learning

Pythion is just a language that can be used to apply those things. The fcc curriculum shows a few modules that could be useful, but there are for sure many others.


Thank you for your response. I prefer to know the reality of the situation.

From everything I have read and watched this seems to be the case.
Since I’m looking for a successful career change. It’s probably going to make more sense to start as a web developer.