How to change code editor font

How to change code editor font to Fira Code?

They have instructions in the github repo.

If you are not using VS code(you did not specify which editor you are using), there are links to other instructions on that page

This code editor

oh, freeCodeCamp editor. I don’t know actually if it is an option at all. Hope someone more experienced will clarify.

Hello there,

There are no built-in options at the moment. However, there are many browser extensions you can use to change the font/CSS of a webpage.

Hope this helps

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It should be noted though, that those extensions can cause problems with the CSS portions of the freeCodeCamp curriculum.

To be clear, we only test the preview code. So, provided the changes are target to only affect certain portions of the editor/instructions/landing, there should be no issue.

Yeah, in theory a sufficiently specific extension shouldn’t impact tests. If you choose to use an extension though, it’s good to keep in mind that if CSS tests seem to have a false failure the first step of troubleshooting should often be turning off that kind of extension.

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