How to check whether I have passed a project or not?

I have done 4 projects of Responsive Web Design Certification . But I do not know how to check if I have passed the project or not. I have done my projects on page) and also submitted the URL in freecodecamp project section. Now when I open any of my project on codepen, I am not able to find that small pop-up which evaluates the projects.
If anyone has got what I am asking, Please Reply. Thanks in Advance. :grinning:

I’ve completed all 5 projects, and received certificate also.
But, didn’t get any other confirmation of completion.
Maybe it just demands passing of test suites
Check this page
at bottom of the page I found this

If you are talking about the following popup
then you must include below script at beginning of your html

<script src=""></script>

Thankyou so much. You solved my query.