How to create a page with my Projects like this?

Hi guys, i’m kind of new, it’s been 3 months since i’m working my web-devellopement skills, and after reading the very motivating post of that guy who found a job, i’m asking myself how to reproduce that page where he show his projects.

The page -->

Thank’s if you take time to reply, i’m new (and a little lost) to GitHub too and I saw “GitHub” in the URL so maybe it’s related?

Have a nice day/night :heart:

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HI My friend

look GitHub

download GIT in your computer and create account en GitHub :point_left:
read documentacion and create your first repository

regards :slight_smile:

Thank’s I will learn how to use it,
Can you tell me what withdrawn mean? I’m not english, do i’ve done something bad?

I’m so sorry, I don’t understand your question. Where are you from?