How to create React on your local machine

I spend more than tree days, and change my OS two times trying to install NPX on my local machine, but is not working. pls some one should help me with another alternative for creating React projects on a local machine.


If you installed node.js on your system, you should be able to use npx.

thanks. but pls can you tell me how to start creating the React project…

Can you verify first that you have the right version of node and npm on your system?

node --version
npm --version

The node version should be at least 8.10 and the npm version should be at least 5.6

After you have installed the latest version of Node (it’s a prerequisite), you can use npm (or install Yarn and use it instead) to install globally “create-react-app”.

Check create-react-app here

Edit: when you are done with your code, you can run “npm run build” or “yarn build” and it will build the production folder.