How to find the ideal plan to study CS courses with FCC?

Hello, I am a Computer Science student, i want to take some CS courses and also freeCodeCamp.
So, my question is how can i find the ideal plan to study both.
Let’s say i have a few hours daily, should i make days that i study both of them separate -like 4 days for CS courses and 2 days for freeCodeCamp - or should i study both of them daily ?
I think, if i study them separately, i will t forget what i learned and i will be slow, in the other hand if i study them both i am afraid that things i learn will mix and i won’t learn effectively.

any ideas and tips from your experience how can i study them both effectively with good progress and without mixing in my mind or forgetting what i learned.

Thanks in advance.

If you’re a full time student, your coursework will probably take up a lot of your time and will be the priority. That’s fine. If you’re worried about staying consistent with FCC, why don’t you look into creating school club that meets once a week to work on FCC? Usually it’s extremely easy to get funding from the school to do that.