Tips for balance coding and study

As you see the topic’s title.

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Hi @codely!

I assume your referring to some sort of school study. (like high school or college)

Even though I have been out of school for a while the same question can be applied to how to balance learning how to code with life.

I think the key is developing a consistent schedule and staying disciplined with that. If you only have an hour a day then try to maintain that schedule. Or 30 minutes a day, two hours a day. What ever time you can realistically dedicate to coding a day.

But more importantly, it is about how you spend your time. You have to learn the basics first and understand that basics of programming. The language doesn’t really matter. The basics are the same in any language.

Going through FCC or doing a cs class like cs50 will keep you on track to spend your time wisely.


Yes. I am in high school.

Is it free?

CS50 is free on edX. There is an optional verified certificate for $90 but you don’t need that.

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Is learning many langs or many topics at same time worth?

There is nothing wrong with learning multiple languages. But if you don’t have a firm grasp on the fundamentals then you will struggle to actually code.

It doesn’t matter if it is javascript, python, c, java, etc. Functions are functions. Conditions are conditions. Arrays are arrays.

At the end of the day it is about learning how all of the pieces fit together.

So if you stick with FCC, then you will have a firm grasp on the fundamentals and a place to build from.

If you do CS50 then that will take up a good chunk of your time but you will learn a lot. The first 5 weeks are in c then it moves to python. It teaches cs fundamentals and teaches you how to problem solve.

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Thanks for all your guide.

Can i do both (FCC and CS50)?

Sorry for asking questions again and again.

you can do all the courses you want, but careful in doing too many things at the same time

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My suggestion would be to finish the javascript section and then start cs50.


But JS is hard.
I know programing is hard, but powerful, but it is my second programing lang.

Nevermind, Thanks @ilenia for your reply.

What is your first programming language?

C lang, @jwilkins.oboe.

The first section of basic javascript really covers the basics of programming.
In my opinion it doesn’t really dive that deep into javascript specifically.

How long did you spend with c? Did you build some projects with it?

I saw the video in FCC’s youtube channel.
Maybe some 5 hours (For learning only).

For the whole time, i spend, will be, i think some 25 hours. (with breaks)

Yes, I started a project, and still, I am doing that.
It is Train Booking project.
It will get the info from the end-user.
But the problem is,
When i ask for no of passenger, the problem starts.

Okay, it is another topic. just stop here.

I think finishing at least the first section of the javascript certification before starting cs50 would be a good plan.

Like I said, that first section really is more programming basics than javascript specific. When you dive further into the curriculum than you will learn about es6 and other javascript specific topics.

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Thanks for your guide.

Can i ask question about C?

Sure, I’ll try to answer it :sweat_smile:

Or you could reach out to jeremy. (that’s the better plan)

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I do want to point out one thing.

Learning by watching and coding along with the video is very different from creating solutions on your own.

Part of the reason why you are struggling with the FCC challenges is because you are being asked to complete that tasks without a guided tutorial.

The video on their youtube channel looks good but it also has that safety net of guiding you through the process to the solution.

Whereas FCC challenges give you hints and you have to arrive at the solution on your own.

It will take time to get better at problem solving it just takes practice.

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Do you mean the Project, I told before?

In the video, I saw building a calculator and mad libs game.