How to get experience?

Hello! I have been looking around for some front end/react jobs however most of them require experience to be able to work. What are some ways that I can get real world experience that I can put on a resume?

Make a homepage for yourself, presenting yourself, hobbies, skills - maybe add something fun or whatnot, just to show off what you can do.
Maybe add some dummy-projects to show what you can do with react. Use those to also describe what you were doing to achieve this → this will be not just a project to practice your skills, but also an addition to your portfolio that you can show off to potential employers AND to distinguish yourself from others.

Ofcourse you can also just apply for entry-level job. Employers tend to write everything they “love” to see in the description. Doesn’t mean you have to have it, in the end they also have to take what they can get.


Build projects. Build increasingly complex and challenging projects. Build projects that you continue working on consistently for months or years.

Contribute to an open source project. Get involved with that contributor community.



You might also want to consider doing small freelance jobs on platforms such as upwork. It gives you:

  • real world experience
  • Projects and testimonials from customers
  • Money while your doing it

It depends on your skill level but if your confident enough I say you should give it a try.


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I’ve look up for some ads too in the IT sector.
Everyone’s looking for people with a minimum of two years of experience.

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Search for an internship, you do not need much experience for it, just some personal projects you built to show your skills

Hey Michael! Ever thought about contributing to open-source software? It helps you get experience working on large-scale projects with code while also teaching you how to work with a team. I actually got my job because I did that. What do you think of that?

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