How to go about solidity with no coding background

Hi, I am a 23 year old lawyer with no programming background. I want to learn solidity and from what I could comprehend, you need to learn another language before jumping to solidity. So I have started Python only few days back, I am not sure how deep should I go before moving to Solidity or is Python the right one to start with. Or just how to optimize my growth. Look forward to your opinions. Thanks in advance.

Hello @24gauravarora , I would recommend you going into solidity only if you want to make smart contracts. And already know some stuff about Ethereum and Blockchain.
C++, Python or Javascript is a good start. If you want to learn Solidity you will need to have a strong OOP (Object Oriented Programming.)
Statically typed programming languages like Go or Scala may be very useful too, since they have the same structure.

Having said that, keep in mind that Solidity is a very “specific use” language. So you must have a very good motive to learn it.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks @AndyG, this was really helpful. Yes, I want to make smart contracts and I am well versed with Ethereum and Blockchain on a conceptual level. My goal is to build a platform where people can enter into transactions. Apparently, I will be needing more technical people, but I want to reach to a position where I understand how to structure things and I am able to optimize the path for a project. I am a little scared regarding how much time it would take or how much time should I devote per day. Any advice on this or how deep should I go into other OOPs? Thanks again :slight_smile:

That is great. Then I suggest you to begin with python as a first language since is very
good as a multipurpose language and once you understand its syntax you will understand more easily Solidity. In FCC there is a good course on Scientific Computing with Python. The Python for everybody in coursera is also a good course
Regarding the OOP, dont worry, if you study python (and OOP language) you will grasp the necessary concepts.

Well, yes this will require more skills, and that pertain to the domain of web development.
However know that there are some related projects with python, like an eCommerce site with Django.
But, my advice is, if you are sure about making smart contracts, then go to python, and then to solidity, once you understand solidity, the rest is more about networking. Do not interlap two paths, first get focused on the basics of python and solidity. This is my advice.
Regarding the time, you can begin with ten hours per week and gradually adjust the time to your necessities. Remember every valuable project/skill takes time.
Finally I think your background in Law can be useful depending of your context.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot @AndyG , this was super helpful. I got a lot of clarity. All the best :slight_smile:

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You are welcome,

I wanted to say that python is itself an OOP. So if you study python well, no problem.
Sincerely wish you the best in your path.