Solidity, smart contracts learning path

Hi guys,

i want some change in my life and i decided i will go into the programming.
The problem is that i dosent have education in IT (working 3 years in big corpo as support). I want to learn how to build DAPPs/Smart Contracts on blockchain.

Im familiar with crypto world and it’s path i want to take, the problem is that i cant find any information how to start with…Any exisiting info is done by dudes that want to sell me their 10h courses…

I found some courses, bootcamps but it all seems like its not for me - knowledge isnt for beginners.

So, i can pay for courses - dosent matter how expensive they are or books…I just need someone to tell me step by step what should I learn as a newbie and some recommendations for courses/books/bootcamps or whatever.

Keep im mind, i have some IT knowdlage as im working in support for few years but in coding world im newbie. Any advice highly appreciated.


For excel in solidity you will need a strong first programming language,then you can go up with the details of solidity.
Personally I don’t think you need to spend a lot of money to learn any language.
In any case this topic has been discussed before. Please check here:

Hope this helps


thanks for quick reply!
To be honest, i read this topic 1 hour ago but i’m also looking for an lets say step-by-step schedule how to get into…

I want to focus on Smart Contracts mostly - what i need to learn exactly? :slight_smile: I got lost after reading some forums and articles…

I got an recommendation to start with this: How to start in Blockchain as a Dev?

I sincerely dont understand the part of the schedule. All of your doubts are explained in the previous topic, I feel that I’m in a loop in this moment, but anyway.
To make smart contracts, you need to have:
1.OOP understanding. (That is why is better to begin with a general language.)
2. Have (at least) an intermediate knowledge of how blockchain works. (Not just general knowledge.)
3. Learn a cryptocurrency language (solidity is only for blockchain there are many cripto languages and maybe there will be more in the future.)
4. To make functional activities you will have to gain some practical experience. Get to know about work opportunities. You need to have a very good reason to dive into smart contracts (Is a Niche)
So, take care, there is no magic formula. Be flexible.
Best wishes


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