How to go about this course (Responsive Web Design)


So I was able to complete the Basic HTML and HTLM 5 course in about 1 hr and 45 mins. I am now moving on to the CSS portion. My question is, was that walkthrough of the cat website enough to move forward or should I be practicing HTML more?

Thank you! I am very excited to be a camper and hoping to make some pals along the way!

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The idea is to keep moving, taking short side trips as needed. You will be using and building on the skills you learned in the rest of the section.

Don’t get caught up on “learning it all perfectly”. It’s impossible to do, and if you try, you’ll just get paralyzed. Just keep moving forward and look up things you need as you go.


Ok great! Thank you! Onwards I go :slight_smile:

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So very true! I just recognised myself in this description :rofl: - “paralysed” for week trying to make flawless project. And obviously each time when I look at it - I see another thing to improve.
So my fellow Campers please be warned: don’t get trapped endlessly perfecting your projects and move on.


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