How to help beginners

I wrote up a little blog post about the subject of helping beginners.

It can be tempting to just tell people the answer if it seems easy to you or they take longer than you’d like to figure it out, but it is almost always better to guide them to the answer themselves.

More explanation in the blog post:


Really nice post! Maybe you can post it on the freeCodeCamp Medium page, so that more people see it?

BTW: Just read this article this morning:

So I tap-clapped my screen for a minute, and the maximum is indeed 50…

I actually sent it to Quincy last year, but he wasn’t too keen on it for the FCC publication.

I then forgot I had it, but a couple of recent posts here reminded me of it so I just pressed publish :slight_smile:

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This was a good article.

I totally agree that helping someone find their error is important.

But sometimes these “helpful” souls who say “There is an error on line blank” are just causing confusion by letting them know it is wrong but not why.

That should be when we step up and say “this is how it’s done, and why”.

A good mentor poses questions, not answers them.

Excellent post @JacksonBates.