I Really Need Someone To Mentor Me on Programming

Thanks in advance

I’m really new in this Coding stuff if i can be permitted to use such words because for the past 2 years plus i have been having this sleepless night of coding practice and yet i still feel like am getting no where.

What am i doing wrong or where am i getting it wrong? I don’t know. As i was searching as usual for best way out i stumble into FREECODECAMP, and since early this morning i have experienced a big difference in my coding confidence, of which i’ve completed 95 challenges without sophisticated help.

i don’t feel like a beginner, but i know i need help. i need someone to guide me, direct me on what i should know and the kind of question i should be asking.

i know there are great minds here, bright programmers and i can’t wait to see you help me out, mentor me and make me think like programmer just like you.


hey , good to know you are doing some progress .
If you need help regarding anything or have some questions. shoot me . I would be happy to help.
if you are on twitter dm me on https://twitter.com/Jackescript


Thanks i appreciate u @himanshuchauhan … just followed you on twiter.

Check out this recent forum post:

This is a great community to get mentorship. :slight_smile:

Hey, I am a newbie myself. Here are something I would like to suggest.

1st, Be more specific. You can ask more questions here at this forum cos I think most of the time 1 to 1 coaching will be really difficult. (However if you can find one that is awesome!Look for some coffee and code meeting in your area, I found some really cool devs that taught me a lot when I went to an offline meeting) When I said be more specific I meant what kind of problems you are running into??? Where did you stuck at?? HTML??? CSS??? javascript??? And if so, which part??? When talking about issues it could be as simple as : how to add bootstrap support into codepen, or as hard as: how to do this specific challenge / how to do CSS animation. Ask questions like: okay guys, I am stuck because I do not know how to finish my personal portfolio, the header does not look right, I do not know how to add additional fonts into my link etc. That way, people can easily pinpoint your questions and really , in no time you will get a response.

2nd, when it comes to frustration everyone has it. I remembered the 1st time I was trying to code I do not even have any idea how to code in my IDE and see the result in google chrome. I thought I need to install vagrant and all the other stuff in order to write code. (Hint: I was WRONG.) For me the whole process had been something like this:

  • I saw some online article about coding, css and HTML, cool. I have no idea what are they talking about.

  • I keep doing challenges in free code camp, slowly learning and found some cool tutorials online about CSS and html, again. No idea how to follow the tutorial.

  • Then I tried to set up IDE to make it work, failed.

  • I started to do my tribute page and personal portfolio. The second one is really “challenging” for me. And trust me when you see my code you gonna want to punch through the screen. Borders overlapping everywhere, as long as I touch one tiny bit of the code, somehow, everything is messed up. I mean literally if I change the header, the body is gonna be messed up too! Then I started to break down my portfolio into a few parts. 1st header and nav bar. 2nd all the work I did. (work showdown) 3rd a contacting form. 4th a footer. Then I started to code one part at the time. Take out one specific part of the code (Both CSS and HTML) create a new codepen page and copy pasta everything in it. One by one my portfolio page is done. And it took me weeks to finish. (I can only code for 1-2 hours per day)

  • Then I make my codepen public and shared a link at this forum. Some of the more experienced dev even gave me some compliments in it! Woohoo!! And at the same time told me which part I did wrong , or why it is not perfect. (And right now I am working on it)

  • By this time I went back to set up my IDE and my browser. And it worked! I even included bootstrap links in it. So i can practice bootstarp on my own IDE. Nice!

  • I revisited some of the articles I saved, wow, for most of the articles, I can understand 70% of them. The other 30% not so much.

  • I rewatched some of the tutorials I found I youtube, did all the exercise I intended to do (but failed at 1st). Cos I finally realised that some of the coder are using sass in their project and I only know vanilla! No wonder the 1st time I tried nothing works! XD But that’s okay! Cos I still learned something! And one day I am gonna learn SASS too!

The purpose I am telling you all these is that all of us improve everyday bit by bit, it is a slow process. If you are interested in all the articles I collected and all the tutorials I saved, I can send you a link or something. However like I said before, your request is a little big too vague. I have no idea where are you at in terms of your skill. You might be a lot better than me! Also I think freecodecamp only opens a door for you, you gotta dive deeper in order to understand everything. I did a lot of research and only find out that those CSS and HTML skills you learned in the challenge is wayyyyyyyyyyy too entry level. You gotta know more, and know them by heart! That way when you started a new project, a new webpage, you won’t panic. That is what I am doing right now. Also there is a book called “Pro HTML5 And CSS3 Design Patterns” author is Michael Bowers. Go check it out! Don’t get fooled by the name, if I can understand it, you can too!!!

At the end, all I wanna say is keeps your chin up. Don’t let all the small bumps frustrate you.


I’m up for pair programming coding challenges. We can screenshare and use voice on Discord

I have the same screenname there. Feel free to add me.

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Can’t find you by typing in your user name…
It says it needs your 4 digits tag or something… Can I add you too??? lol

Yeah sure, here’s the 4 digit tag.

k thanks later chat. Working on sth.

Alright just let me know whenever you want to do the challenges. You’d prob learn a lot quicker than doing it on your own


@zhouxiang19910319 … thanks for your keen advice …all your suggestion are just an eye opener.

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hi, i am a newbie here. recently taking my final year project about gait recognition system. i m using matlab. but currently have some problem on motion history image coding. hope someone can help me. thank you. :slight_smile:

@mindsworth feel free to poke me on skype void.nugget and ask any questions you’d like to.